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piece written on the 18th October 2013 by  

Over the past decade (if not longer), I’ve had an amazing journey with this blog. I’ve reached the 100,000 uniques a month mark, I’ve aligned with some incredible brands, I’ve met some amazing people and just altogether this blog has been an amazing springboard for me. Today things are changing and I hope that you’ll come on the journey with me.

When I started all those years ago it was created as a means to communicate with friends who were abroad. The concept for iMod came to me (believe it or not, this was before “blogs” were around) in the search for something a little more organised than a simple PHP guestbook script, which at the time was a hot entity – Yup, it was the next best thing after Anglefire and Geocities! Dammit, I gave my age away didn’t I? ;)

Over the years iMod changed, it became a mix about technology, marketing, my life and went on to be Africa’s number one blog for 2 years running and won multiple awards – an incredible journey to say the least. However, the vision was lost – iMod the blog provided me with my dream, it built me an audience of incredible people that supported me and helped me transfer myself from being an employee into being a business owner; iMod Digital was born. What happened with this transition is that iMod Digital took up my time and became my baby, unfortunately leaving iMod Blog in the dust somewhat without the attention and passion it previously had. Although my focus was on growing a successful company, it pains me to look back at what was once my most valuable asset and see that it was merely ticking over.

So from today, things are going to change. If you’re a regular you’ll see that the site has been redesigned with a focus on the content. You’ll see that it’s fairly mobile responsive and that there’s a really useful “reading mode” setting. For me, the aim is to go back to my roots and do what turned iMod into what it was at the height of its career. To do that, I need to cut out a lot of the fluff, terminate advertising relationships, focus on several specific topics (Personal & Lifestyle, Marketing & Business, Technology, Opinion & Thought and Off Topic) and effectively reset it. Through these categories/channels/topics I’m going to take things back to being personal. So, if you’re interested in my company or where I invest or what I think is a useful piece of technology or a good marketing idea, then you’ll be happy with the resetting of the website.

It’s odd because this should be old hat to me, but I feel completely out of my depth. It feels like it’s been years since I was over exposed online and not shy to put anything out there and it’s odd to think that I’ve managed to create an opportunity to re-explore my greatest asset. I’m not sure how often I’ll be able to blog but I’ll do my best to keep you all posted. A friend of mine, Brendon, once chatted to me for hours over some beers about losing sight of what gets a person to where they are and how we should never lose sight of it – that’s exactly what I’m doing now.

Until the next one, stay well!