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It’s been a while since I blogged about my huge interest in planted aquariums. I’m happy to say that I have a bit of an update to share with all of you, I’ve actually been quite busy on the aquarium front.

Let me throw out three things that I’ve been up to:

1. An Interesting Outing

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending a presentation by Red Sea at Fish Etc in Stellenbosch. The presentation started bright and early on Saturday morning and saw 2 hours of incredible education taking place. I can honestly say that I learnt more about reef/marine aquariums than I believed to be possible. And I’m not talking just information, I’m talking math and graphs for trance element measuring, sliding scales to move between SPS and LPS coral coloration and accelerated growth – it was absolutely awesome!

I’m not quite ready to move onto a marine tank just yet, I’m still mastering the art (or trying to) of planted tanks and since replanting my entire tank yesterday I think it will be a few more months before I venture into the salty waters.

2. A Complete Redesign

Following the presentation I found myself inspired to do something, so on Sunday I set out to redesign the entire layout of my tank. I wanted to go with a design that was less intense and where the plants weren’t dominating the entire tank as they previously have been.  If you’re not familiar with planted tanks, let me just tell you that doing a re-scape is a massive task – removing all the plants, filtering the substrate, neutralising the fish and so the list goes on. Can you believe it though, Fiona actually wanted to get involved and assist me, and as I team I think we came up with an incredible design (if I may say so myself). Sure, it doesn’t follow the math and science behind iwagumi, but it’s refreshing, clean and clear.





The new layout requires some time for the plants to grow out a bit, but the free space is really refreshing and the fish are very happy. Sorry about the photographs, I only have an iPhone and shooting a tank is tricky because of reflection and such.

We had a lot of inspiration though, here are some beauties we found:

How incredible are those?

3. A New Business

This one’s really exciting and this is the first time I’m putting it out there in the public. I’m launching a new business! I desperately want to call myself a serial entrepreneur, but that overused buzz word makes me feel a bit ill. Green Aquatics is the name of the company and my partner and I will hopefully be launching it towards the end of February if all goes to plan. We’re currently setting up an office, working on the branding, eCommerce website and general business processes. There’s a lot to be done and I don’t have a huge amount of free time so it’s proving to be quite a challenge, but a good one.

Here’s the logo:

Green Aquatics

Not too shabby hey? We got about 35 different designs, then worked closely with the designer to iron out the final touches. I think it’s right on track with what we’re going to be doing, but I don’t want to give everything away right now.

So there’s an update for everyone who’s interested in topics outside of business, marketing and investing!

Update 13/04/2014 – My tank is now a cichlid tank.