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Keeping up with all the new applications launching around the world is near impossible. Acquisitions and investments are happening left right and centre and this is presenting us with such a massive choice of great applications. This evening I actually came across an application that I feel is really impressive and I have no doubt that it will become hugely popular. Let me introduce you to

In a nutshell, is an email efficiency application that allows you to give it access to your inbox and in return it provides you with some incredible features. Best way to understand is to take a watch of the video:

The two major features are:

1. Get rid of the junk will search through your inbox, find all the email subscription services you’re subscribed to and display them in a neat list for you to quickly unsubscribe from. Jokes side, that feature alone is absolutely priceless. I’m quite good at unsubscribing from mailing lists and I don’t get too much junk on a daily basis, but found 104 services that I’m subscribed to, from eBay to to eBucks and so the list goes on. Now I can click, click, click, unsubscribe.


2. The Rollup

The rollup is a service that allows you to choose which newsletter subscriptions you enjoy, then takes them all and puts them into 1 summarised email for you that gets delivered to your inbox when you want it to be delivered. Seriously though, how awesome is that? Choose what you like and when you want it, all your subscriptions in just 1 email at the exact time you want it! There are layout options too!

Rollup Time

One thing I really love on the website is the awards list. The awards list shows the top services that people are unsubscribing from – what a priceless name and shame! Check this out:

Most Unsubscribed

And then on the opposite end, the most popular subscriptions based on those added to Rollup’s:

Most Rolledup

Finally, here are the most popular subscriptions:

Most Popular Subscriptions

An absolutely fantastic concept, brought a “why didn’t I think of that” moment when I found it!

I’ve unsubscribed from 61 different services and created a Rollup for the other 43 or so that were on the list. I’m looking forward to taking one more step in the direction of a less cluttered inbox.