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A week or so ago I wrote a review on a web application called, which assists with reducing the amount of junk/spam mail you receive through allowing you to do mass unsubscribes. I can honestly say that I’ve received less emails since I used the service so I’m rather happy that I came across it. Today, a colleague of mine told me another another application, this time it’s an application that has a mobile version, which is essentially required for this application.

Introducing: 8tracks Internet Radio.

8tracks Internet Radio is a fairly light weight application with a powerful punch. If you’re a music fan but don’t keep albums and enjoy discovering new tracks based on genre’s and the likes, then 8tracks is going to interest you.

Signing up for an account on the iPhone application is a piece of cake and takes literally 10 seconds – either create an actual 8tracks account or connect with Facebook or Google+. Once your account is set up, you simply choose keywords and based on your selection it streams music to your device in a very much “discover new music way”:

8tracks Explore

Whilst it’s streaming, you’re able to jump through tracks if you come across one you’re not enjoying, so you’re not completely locked down. Further to that, you’re able to search, view featured streams and enjoy hot streams, which makes it even easier to find something exciting to listen to.

8tracks Interface

A really awesome application, one that I’ll be using on a regular basis!

I should note that you can download it for iPhone, Android devices and Windows Phone, as well as use the web version.