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It’s over a week since my last blog post, please accept my apologies. Work has been absolutely crazy with some intense deadlines and my attention has to be there. This evening I wanted to tell you about a GMail plugin that I’ve been using for a long time which recently received a fantastic update.

Streak is a fantastic addon/extension/plugin for GMail that adds a good amount of additional functionality. I won’t tell you about all the features because that’ll spoil the fun, but it’s worth having a look at (hint: customer relationship management, sales, support, hiring, scheduling and more). What excited me recently is a new feature that allows you to see which emails have been read by their recipients. No longer will you send an email in GMail and wonder whether the other person has read it, Streak will sort this out for you.

Positioned under the Sent Mail folder you’ll now see Recently Viewed:


Streak annotates this list with the actual date that the email was viewed and orders it accordingly. In other words, the most recently read emails that you’ve sent will appear at the top. This allows you to keep track of who’s viewing your emails. Probably one of the best features is that it’s just a standard list of emails in GMail which means you’ll be able to label, star, read the thread and so forth.


Oh, and what I can also tell you is that if this isn’t cool enough, the extension will also show you where the recipient is in the world! ;)

A really useful extension, one that every serious email user should have installed and be making use of.