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I hear a lot of people who have started using Twitter saying that they gave it a go but didn’t find much purpose for it. The problem in my opinion is that people often don’t know how to turn Twitter usage into value. When I started trading on the stock markets I was hungry for information and when you see how much information is available you literally manic, I know I did. There are 100,000 different books, there are websites such as Moneyweb and Fin24, and then there are millions of websites around the Internet. The problem is that it’s really difficult to know what’s what and who you can trust, especially when you can’t engage with the authors, etc.

So I decided to turn to Twitter, I’d create a list and I’d add a maximum of 20 accounts to this list so I could really get to know the people in terms of knowing whether they’ve legitimate, honest and knowledgeable. 20 accounts doesn’t sound like a lot considering the sheer quantity of people on Twitter, but it actually is. It’s taken me a while to find a good mix of people to put on this list, a combination of people who are approachable and happy to give advise, those who won’t engage but offer up great advise and then a mix between people who trade full time and those who do it casually like me. This balance of accounts would keep me up to date with what’s happening in the market but without too much pressure.

There are 7 people who I now follow on a daily basis and these people combined tick all the boxes mentioned in my previous paragraph. Using Twitter to create this mix of people has added massive value to my use of Twitter and is a big reason why I’m still using Twitter.

  1. Karin Richards – Investor. Technical share trader. Semi-retired CA(SA). Conservationist. Happily trading and charting the ASX and JSE for more than 20 years.
  2. JD Breytonbach – Athlete – Local & International Market Derivatives Trader – Student – Entrepreneur. YOU ARE THE BEHOLDER OF YOUR DESTINY
  3. Jayson Coomer – Saying NO! to financial illiteracy. Etc.
  4. Vasilis Girasis – Trader
  5. Wayne McCurrie – Portfolio Manager – Momentum Wealth
  6. Ti Mj – UCT-Graduate School of BusinessI MBA 2013/2014 Candidate l Financial Markets l Avionics Procurement Strategist l MAN UTD I
  7. Dries Cronje – ALSI futures swing and day trader. JSE Top 40 Stock futures trader. Believer in solid, proven trading edges.
  8. Vector Equilibrium – Very clued up trader who has always been really helpful.
  9. Andrew Todd – CMT, Derivatives Trader, Technical analyst, Passion for trading and investing. He recommends this book for technical analysis beginners.

Another three accounts, which aren’t personal accounts but are worth following are:

  • Storm Trading – Proprietary Trading Houses JHB CPT PTA. Ideas shared are not advice.
  • Stock Shop Portal – An online platform that aims to take the fear out of the stock market arena and give you all the right tools to invest your money responsibly.
  • Capio Capital – Stockbroker, Asset Manager. We specialize in derivative trading & long term wealth creation.

I hope that I can continue to grow this list, perhaps adding another 5-10 people over the next 6 months so if you know someone who is worth following then please do pop me a comment below.

Thank you to all of those mentioned above who are adding value to my life.