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Browser extensions that assist with time and productivity are always at the top of my list. There are two new extensions that I’ve been using in conjunction with my social media efforts: Instagram for Chrome and Riffle.

Instagram for Chrome

If you’ve ever tried to manage more than one account on Instagram you’ll know that it’s a complete nightmare – signing in and out of accounts is a time waster, especially when you’re operating off your mobile device. That being said, the web version of Instagram isn’t all that great either. That’s where the Instagram for Chrome plugin helps us out.

The extension adds a panel to the right of your browser and allows you to perform all sorts of actions such as like, comment, see filter usage and even receive desktop notifications.

Instagram for Chrome


If you’re an active Twitter user you’re going to like this extension a lot. How often do you view a Twitter profile and wish you could see just a little more information about that user? If you’re like me, then you’ll answer, “more often than not” to that question. Well, with Riffle you’re going to enjoy a great analytical overview of anyone on Twitter by simply typing in their Twitter name. The application runs on the right hand side of your screen and you can activate it with a click.

The best way to explain this is with an example:


These two applications have assisted me with controlling multiple Instagram accounts with ease and without relying on my mobile device, and to find and follow more valuable people on Twitter. I’ll be using these extensions for a long time coming.

Do you know of any other excellent extensions?