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piece written on the 5th May 2014 by  

Our world is becoming smaller and smaller through the use of technology. Companies are being formed around the world by members who live across the world from each other. This is making the requirement for remote collaborative work more important and sought after than ever. There are plenty of collaborative tools on the Internet, but a new application called Sqwiggle adds a bit of a change to the mix.

In a nutshell, Sqwiggle keeps you passively connected to your team by updating a still image of each team member several times a minute so you can see their face and know they’re available. In other words, every 20 seconds or so, the software takes a photograph of you and publishes it to your team mates, keeping you very much in contact with each other.

It really is best explained with a picture:


A unique and fantastic idea if you ask me. Sure, Skype has group video chat and have recently announced that it’s free, but I often find Skype incredibly resource hungry, data crazy and quite¬†in your face. This software on the other hand isn’t video and won’t use nearly as much data or as many resources.

Is anyone else using the software?