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piece written on the 1st July 2014 by  

Google employee Daniel Waisberg has recently launched a new Google Chrome extension called Page Analytics. This is one of those extensions you’ve probably been waiting for, how often do you visit a website and wish you could get some quick statistics for the page? Sure, there are a few extensions out already that provide some insight, but this is the first one that ties directly into Google Analytics. I guess I should mention that this only works on websites that you have permission to view the Google Analytics for – obvious, but I’d prefer to mention everything.

So the process is really easy, install the extension, visit a web page you have Google Analytics to, click the icon and that’s it, your in page analytics will be displayed right there. Here’s an example of the extension on the home page:

In-Page Analytics Chrome

The “Segments” control at the top right allows you to choose various segments such as: All Sessions, Organic Traffic, Tablet Traffic, iOS Traffic, Sessions with Conversions and so the list goes it. I am very pleased that they’ve included the ability to do date comparisons as this really allows you to quickly and easily see the performance of a website. Over the years I’ve found that Google’s In-Page Analytics has been incredibly slow and bloated, the extension solves this problem and is incredibly fast. Another function I like is that if you visit a website that you don’t have access to, it doesn’t show the bar at the top so it’s very unobtrusive.

I’ve been using the extension for a few days and am finding it incredibly useful if for no other reason that quickly knowing details about a site without having to pop into Google Analytics to check. My guess is that Google will work on this extension over the next few months, gather viewing and usage statistics and evolve it to increase the usage of Google Analytics.

All in all, a must have extension for anyone who does SEO, runs their own website or needs to stay up to date with what’s happening on a website in terms of visitors.