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piece written on the 13th November 2014 by  

As you all know, I was commissioned by Momentum to blog about their new financial wellness solutions and in doing so I’ve actually learnt a lot. It’s difficult being commissioned because people always assume that you’re punting a product regardless of how good it is. With me that isn’t the case and I hope that over the decade that I’ve been blogging here and I’ve earned trust and credibility. Last week I spoke about MyFiling, a solution that allows you to upload your documents online to keep them safe and easily accessed. This is a great solution for a myriad of situations and I truly mean that.

Dropbox and Google Drive are popular online storage products that we’re all familiar with, but I’d be lying if I told someone to store their most valuable details on them. Google might be a power house, but if your GMail account was hacked then someone would have access to your Google Drive. On the other side, with Dropbox, because there is an ability to share files, a simple confusion with a share and someone could have access to your details. With MyFiling, of course someone could get into your account if they hacked in or knew your password, but that someone can’t get in via an email related service or a share policy. So with MyFiling there’s a different level of safety and comfort, and that’s why I really like it. There’s also no harm in knowing that it’s backed by Momentum, which is a massive brand that has a great deal resting on trust and security. It’s a safe fit if you ask me.

I know there are radio adverts playing today about MyFiling and that’s all about how someone could be protected in a difficult situation. I’ll give you an example: Last year whilst I was in Paris with my wife, she fell and broke her leg incredibly badly. Medical Aid was amazing, but we would have had a huge problem if Fiona hadn’t stored some documents in her email account. If our details were uploaded to MyFiling, we could have accessed everything easily. But that’s not really what I wanted to blog about today, instead I wanted to talk about how I’m going to store my financials with the solution.

Currently, I have 8 investment accounts; some are monthly debit orders, some are linked to properties, some are share trading accounts and some are completely different. The point is, I have a great deal of sensitive information that I need to keep safe, but to also be readily available. With MyFiling I’m able to create a separate folder for each investment and upload all the respective documents. This way my documents are safely stored online, I can access them easily and best of all it’s completely free. We live in a world where each day that passes brings us closer to merging online and offline, because of this we’re always connected and the gap will only get smaller and smaller. This allows me to know that I can access my sensitive material whenever I like without any hassle.

If you want to read more about MyFiling you can read my review, alternatively sign up for an account and give it a whirl. Not only is it free, but you can stand a chance to win a Momentum Retirement Annuity of R250,000 plus a Momentum Savings Portfolio of R500/month for 5 years for just signing up!