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Almost on a daily basis I’ll engage with someone who wants assistance with their website and most of the time it’s about getting more visitors to their site from Google. I normally start telling them about search engine optimisation and they interupt and tell me they’ve Googled SEO and know it’s about title tags, meta descriptions and a few other things. The problem here is that when you Google about SEO you’re reading articles better positioned at people who already understand SEO and not someone who isn’t familiar at all and so these people have been misguided right off the bat. What happens? They end up following a guide, doing a few things and possibly even see some results, but they don’t end up seeing the full potential. In fact, most of the time people get caught up and if anything end up causing more damage than good.


I sometimes like to explain SEO in another manner, a manner that I feel is real and tangible for ANYONE, not someone who has done some Googling on the topic or someone who is completely clueless.. absolutely everyone. I do this through several questions and answers, let’s have a look:

  • If you open up a browser and search for “cheap bed set”, what do you expect to see? A selection of bed sets with photographs, explanations and pricing.
  • If you open up a browser and search for “how to DIY home irrigation”, what do you expect to see? A detailed tutorial on how to go about setting up a DIY irrigation system for your house.
  • If you open up a browser and search for “directions to XYZ beach resort”, what do you expect to see? A map!

That’s rather obvious and logical isn’t it? I believe so, but I don’t believe a lot of people quite understand it.

  • If you have a website that sells bed sets, what do you need to do? Create pages with beautiful photographs of your bed sets, strong descriptions and prices!
  • If you have a gardening company and are looking for attract people through the use of guides, what do you need to do? Write one heck of an incredible guide on building a home irrigation system!
  • If you have a holiday home or a resort you are renting out, what do you need to do? Create a page with a map, direction instructions and anything else to assist them, what about GPS co-ordinates.

People too often don’t think about search from the right direction and try to jump ahead by proclaiming that they understand meta this, link that and density blah. The reason we say that SEO is a marathon and not a sprint is because of exactly this. Before we raise ahead with keyword research, link distribution and schematic mark up, we must first determine logically who our potential customers would be and what they might search for. Only then can we get more advanced and look at how the content we want them to find may be structured in a manner that allows Google to best consume it and add it favourably in their index.

“He who would learn to fly one day must first learn to stand and walk and run and climb and dance; one cannot fly into flying” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche