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piece written on the 30th November 2014 by  

Not everyone is cut out for videos nor is everyone interested in watching videos, there’s a very good place in the market for podcasts. I’m a bit of a podcast fan, I enjoy subscribing, putting my headphones in and being educated. For years I’ve listened to podcasts and I cannot explain just how much I’ve learnt.


Just the other evening someone was asking me about SEO podcasts and I explained that there were some, but that I felt it would be better to rather talk about some podcasts that cover SEO as well as different forms of inbound marketing and perhaps some business thrown into the mix. To this effect, I tracked down some podcasts that I’ve enjoyed in the past that do feature some great SEO material.

#1 SEO 101 on Webmaster Radio is probably the most well-known and appreciated podcast. Hosted by Ross Dun and John Carcutt, the two discuss the very basics of SEO right from the beginning, but it’s not just for beginners, their topics are inspired and interesting for all levels.

#2 E-Webstyle publishes a popular podcast that focuses on SEO; this show is hosted by Chris Burres and Charles Lewis, two very seasoned inbound marketers. Their topics are interesting and can go into good detail.

#3 Edge of the Web Radio features an SEO podcast that covers a lot more than just SEO. Just a few weeks ago their show focused on Email Marketing Techniques and Holiday Themed Emails – perfect timing for the end of the year.

#4 Tropical MBA podcast isn’t really about SEO although they have covered it in the past. This podcast dives a lot more into business and there is a great deal to learn. With one podcast per week, you’ll have to get ready for some information overload!

#5 Marketing Over Coffee focuses on both classic and new marketing. The show is hosted by Johan Wall and Christopher Penn and they do so from their local coffee shop on Thursday mornings. The podcasts focus on all forms of marketing and are generally 20 minutes long.

#6 SEO Rockstars is also hosted on Webmaster Radio, this podcast features Chris Boggs, Daron Babin and Jim Boykin and has covered some incredibly useful topics in the past.

#7 If you’re an Internet Marketer you’ll have heard of Pat Flynn, if not.. goodness, where have you been! Pat runs a website called Smart Passive Income and he’s gone on to create a podcast too. This guy’s good, well worth tapping into his knowledge.

So that’s my list for the time being and I’ll work on evolving it over time. If you know a great podcast, please don’t hesitate to leave it in the comments below!