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piece written on the 13th February 2015 by  

I love business, I love meeting new people and I love sharing what my team and I do with people. What I love even more than all of that is closing deals. People are so quick to assume that closing a deal is all about money, and sure it’s business, but I find the excitement in knowing that someone has decided to trust me. Almost nobody just buys something, people in general don’t like spending money and people in general are not quick to trust, so to get over those hurdles is an incredibly satisfying feeling.

For over a decade I’ve been in and out of pitch meetings and in this time I’ve learnt a huge amount. From the clothing you wear to the way to make eye contact to the way you sit to what you have to offer and how you offer it, all of these things contribute to building up the trust with someone. But, all of that aside, I believe that my strength in pitching actually came from closing deals over email. I spent many years working as someone who needed to close deals over email rather than in person and I believe that if you can close a deal over email without ever meeting someone, then you really have mastered a difficult art.

Yesterday I came across this infographic and I’ve decided to republish it because many of the points outlined in it really are true, or at least ring true to me from my experiences. It’s a valuable resource that everyone should be reading over:


Do you have a secret to closing deals?