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piece written on the 8th March 2015 by  

When it comes to being responsible for a lot of websites, one of the most important things is ensuring that you’re made quickly aware when a website goes offline. This may be so you can turn off an AdWords campaign, to avoid de-indexing matters or to just make sure that your website is online and ready for customers.

At iMod Digital we make use of a really great free monitoring application called Uptime Robot. The premise is really straight forward: you enter in the website’s address and Uptime Robot¬†alerts you when a website goes down (and then alerts you when it comes up again). The website checks your site/s every 5 minutes so you can get notified really quickly. There is an upgrade model attached that checks every 1 minute, but we’ve found that 5 minutes is sufficient and on some accounts we’ve increased the period to only check every 30 minutes.

Here’s an example of what the interface looks like for an individual site over the past 24 hours:

Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 1.00.27 PM

What I appreciate the most is that it’s a set up and leave application. My team never has to log into the application, we simply receive emails when a website goes down and are¬†able to react accordingly. We don’t host many websites ourselves so we when a website goes down it’s not from our doing, but it allows us to react quickly, pause AdWords campaigns, notify hosting company’s and at the very least allow the website owner to know immediately. This is one way we do go over and above the call of duty and it’s proven to be a highly appreciated service by our clients.

Truth be told, website’s don’t go offline all that often, but when they do, we’re usually the first to know and that puts us ahead of the game. Some other features that come with the software are:

  1. Get alerts via SMS, Twitter or push notifications.2
  2. View uptime and downtime reports.
  3. A good API to integrate with.

Free services are becoming few and far between, this is one that we really hope remains free!