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Christopher Mills is the Strategic Director and Founder of iMod Digital. iMod Digital is a Cape Town based Digital Marketing Agency that specializes in web development and search engine optimisation. Over the past 8 years, Christopher has provided web strategies and advice to hundreds of businesses.

You can visit hisĀ Google+ Profile if you like.

Star Sign: Leo (check yours?)

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Studied: Computer Science, obtained 90% for final thesis.

Interests: Computers, Dancing, Fashion, Red Wine, Fishing, Poker, Poi, Tropical Fish, Internet Marketing, Web Dev, Music, Star Signs, Blogging, Programming, Gadgets, Cars, Camping, Business, Art, Dating, Friendship, Socialising, Relaxing.

Favourite Music: From the soothing sounds of jazz, to the uplifting melodies of psytrance – I guess I would listen to anything really.

Favourite Movies: Hackers, Shawshank Redemption, Silence of the Lambs, Human Traffic, Crazy Beautiful, Step Up, You Got Served, Honey, The Green Mile, Se7en, Train Spotting, Fear and Loathing, A Walk to Remember, A Lot Like Love, Life as a House.