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I’m a technology entrepreneur, investor and share trader that operates from sunny Cape Town. My career started many years ago when I launched imod.co.za as a technology blog and managed to win back to back South African blog awards for best technology blog. Whilst studying computer science I was able to develop my blog into a platform that was heavily powered by search engine optimisation and through this it became Africa’s top blog reaching between 100,000 and 150,000 readers a month.

The blog was my launch pad and in time I was running campaigns for companies such as Standard Bank, Mini Cooper, Microsoft, Steri Stumpie and Savanna to name a few. I received some amazing publicity and that further amplified the iMod brand. Whilst building these connections, delivering good results and being able to get the brand out there, I worked at a number of digital marketing agencies. My job titles ranged from senior developer to head of marketing and operations manager. This rounded experienced positioned along with the great connections I had built put me in the fortunate position of being able to launch my own digital marketing agency right here in Cape Town. This was the birth of iMod Digital. As a company we service some incredible brands both locally, nationally and internationally which has allowed us to grow enormously year on year for the past few years.

I am the founder and owner of a SaaS solution know as Serperture. Serperture is a beautifully designed and well oiled software solution that performs a comprehensive audit on a website. In other words, you enter in your website address and Serperture will perform an SEO audit and present you with a list of things that you need to fix on the site in order to increase the website’s visibility in search engines. Further to that, Serperture also goes a step further and assists with the explanation and instructions required to fix the items that are incorrect.

When I’m not running the agency or working on Serperture you’ll find me blogging on this site, investing in companies or trading on the JSE. I have a huge passion for investing in companies so if you’ve got an idea, have a chat to me!

Of course, there are moments when I’m not working and those are spent with my amazing wife, Fiona, our 2 beautiful cats, Calla & Bella and our incredible Swiss Shepard, Lewie. I also love tennis, marine aquariums and fine champagne.