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What some advertisers are saying..

1. “I am Philip Cramer, I run a computer sales company. I advertised my specials on iMod and had immediate results. Within 2 days I had orders. I would strongly recommend advertising on iMod as it reaches a large amount of people..”

“I heard about Philip from iMod, and having been looking for some computer hardware, decided to contact him for a quote. Not only were the prices reasonable, he also delivered the order at my home. Talk about convenience!” ~ Arno Esterhuizen

2. “My name is Cecily McLane and I work for a public relations consultancy called Splash PR in Cape Town. I manage the publicity for PUMA in South Africa. One of the focuses for PUMA this year was to increase their presence online. I then started researching specific websites and blogs which I thought may be relevant to PUMA’s target audience.

I came across Imod by Christopher Mills and saw this as the perfect communication tool through which to convey innovative PUMA initiatives. I found Chris’ blog to be current and informative as a result of his quick turn around times. The content on his blog range from captivating to humorous and is always relevant to the product or client.

I also found Chris to be a very good communicator in that he knows exactly what the clients’ needs are and this is reflected on his blog. This is testament to him being a winner in the South African blog awards every year.”

3. “When we first launched our Wine Evaluation course, Christopher kindly reviewed it on his blog I was really surprised by the level of interest we received in the course via his blog. So this blogging thing really works! I’ll definitely be asking Christopher to review future courses!” – Sam Paddock, Managing Director of Getsmarter

4. “A week ago I asked Christopher Mills to help me out with promoting our newly created Facebook page through his blog ( The feedback was incredible! Our activity on the page had increased by 590% in just one day. Immediately we saw other bloggers and websites linking his article to their site and for the first time we were able to see the wonderful tools of social networking. He is a very nice guy to deal with and I would recommend to anyone that is interested in getting their company an online presence to approach him. ” – Anthony Lourandos, BM Foods Cape Town