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piece written on the 19th October 2013 by  

Yesterday I silently launched a new version of with the aim of reinventing my greatest asset. One of the hardest decisions I’m facing is whether I should keep all the old posts ¬†or remove them. It’s a difficult choice and I’ve got pros and cons for each outcome, neither the pros nor the cons out weigh each other.

Currently there are 8,149 posts on iMod of which some are really great resources and some aren’t. The best thing I could do would be to go through all of them and select the best ones and keep those on the website after cross referencing them against their visitor traffic in Google Analytics. The problem with that is the sheer amount of time it will take to go through 8,000 posts – we’re talking hours if not days and I’m not sure I’m willing to put that amount of time into it. From a resource and historical point of view it makes sense to keep them, however, with the aim of reinventing the blog and challenging myself to do so, it feels better to start from afresh.


As you can see, I’m caught in the middle.

I’m not reinventing the blog to see how many hits I can get every day but to rather see if I can build a loyal following. From that point of view, one might argue that the old posts aren’t needed, however, someone else might argue that those older posts are the perfect channel to incubating new followers. For each motivating factor I can think of, there’s a positive and a negative to it.

I’d love to hear your opinion in the comments below.