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piece written on the 10th March 2014 by  

Out of all the social networks available to us, I’d probably say that Instagram is my favourite and has been for several months. There’s a calmness to Instagram, the uncluttered feed presents me with a peaceful place to slide through photographs that inspire me or just make me smile. I find myself spending literally 5 minutes a day on Instagram, going through my feed and consuming with ease, the beauty is that I actually consume that I see, I don’t merely flick through hundreds of status updates or tweets, just a select few that are perfectly presented.

I know I’m not the only one who feels like this as I’ve reached out to friends, colleagues and people who follow me on Instagram. My opinion, in terms of marketing, is that for a lot of people Instagram would have a very high conversion rate. What I mean by this is that it’s a highly focused audience and therefore the people I select to follow are the ones that I actually pay attention to. We escape the choice paralysis that Facebook, Twitter and the likes present. But this poses a really interesting question, could Instagram be used to drive up success of an eCommerce website?

Fox and Fawn on Instagram

Fox and Fawn is a vintage boutique with outlets in Brooklyn; the Fox and Fawn Instagram account offers photographs of their clothing along with a price, size information and descriptions. Followers of the account are then able to leave a comment to book or reserve the item. Following this, the person who reserved the item may call in and pay via credit card. What’s interesting is that the owner, Beverly Hames started doing this as an experiment and now over a year later sales coming from their Instagram account make up 20-40% of the store’s daily revenue.

I really do believe there is a gap for people who run stores in the retail sector, it’s a relatively unique and untapped strategy that leveraged correctly could get you one up on your competitors. I’ve written about eCommerce personalisation in 2014 and I’ve read articles on how to tap into Instagram’s massive audience to increase eCommerce sales, there’s enough information out there supporting this marketing effort.

Do you follow any shops on Instagram that successfully sell you products through their photographs?