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piece written on the 12th March 2014 by  

This evening I was reading on of my favourite websites about investment in countries around Africa. It’s aimed at foreigners who want to invest in Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya and so forth.

I came across a post on the site where a reader had written in with a question for the author to answer and it was incredibly humbling so I wanted to share it.

The reader was a 22 year old graduate with a diploma in business admin and management. He comes from a poor background but has always had big dreams. He earns 300 naira per day (ZAR 19.73) and has been able to save 100 naira per day (ZAR 6.58). He currently has R12,000 naira (ZAR 789) and would like to invest it now for the next several years in hopes to grow it to an amount that could serve as capital for his own food-processing business.

What a legend, saving 33.3% of his salary and looking for ways to create a brighter future. One of the most humbling things I’ve read in a while, I truly hope that he is able to start his business in several years and that his business goes on to make millions. We need more people like this in the world.

No matter where you are or what your situation is, never forget to dream. But more importantly, take the steps to reach your dream like this young man is doing.


If you’d like to read the story and see what the author had to say in response you may do so here.