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I think it’s just a matter of time before the whole concept of intelligent watches becomes the next big thing. I’ve seen Pebbles in action and they’re really awesome. I’ve seen various watches that store information such as documents or music and they’re really handy, but I’m yet to see a wrist type device that is truly revolutionary and I don’t think it’ll be long until I do. We’ve also seen all the fitness bands that are getting very popular – something wrist related is going to blow up the Internet.

Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Google and so the list goes on are all competing at such a high level. They’re launching products as quickly as they can, they’re innovating as quickly as technology can allow and they’re all in search of releasing the next best thing to capture a larger portion of the pie. I’m not certain that “watches” will be it, but I’ve certainly read enough and been around the block a few times to feel confident about my thoughts.

I dislike having to carry my phone around with me, but I can’t live without my watch. Heck, I even have two watches. What better than someone that goes on my write, but can do more than just tell the time, what if it could store documents (USB drive style), play music, perhaps some voice recognition or tweeting or texting and what about tying it altogether with a fitness/health/medical intelligence. That would be one hell of a device, but probably be like a Ericsson 388 on your wrist, for the time being at least ;)

Something has caught my attention and it’s what inspired this blog post, the Apple Healthbook. What’s that? It’s Apple’s next venture into the healthcare and fitness tracking world, the creation of a device that can measure your heart rate, hydration levels, blood pressure, nutrition, blood sugar and so the list goes on. The concept of being able to pick up potential problems before they become real problems. The concept of tying us even deeper into the digital world and the concept of knowing even more about us, but that’s a topic for another time.

Screenshots of the application have been recreated:


If you’re interested in a far more detailed look, 9to5Mac have published everything here.

Now, although the iPhone’s motion processor is able to pick up a number of levels and activities in your body, some of the more interesting levels such as hydration levels and so forth are not going to be possible with the processor and the iPhone would need to receive this information from another source. This is where I see watches or wrist devices coming into play and this is a strong motivation behind my thoughts that a device is about to shock the Internet.

Could this be the beginning of an iWatch or iBand? I’m dying to see what these big companies do and to see which one makes the big splash first. I believe that Apple need to do it quite badly, I’ve been feeling less and less confident in Apple’s innovation and this could be a chance for them to redeem themselves.

What I can tell you is that something exciting is going to arrive and it’s going to be hugely useful and beneficial for all of us!