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Over the months I’ve come across some interesting applications, some of which I’ve reviewed: FireChat (I’m not sure this one is going to take off), Hemingway App (still very useful) and 8Tracks (I use this one daily). Today I’m talking about an application which isn’t new but has recently been updated with some fantastic new features and it’s an application I use on a daily basis: Droplr.

Droplr defines itself as the easiest way to share files, but that’s not really the way I see it. Dropbox for me is the ultimate file sharing service, but Droplr has a very big place in my day to day life. I define Droplr as the easiest way to share a screenshot. The application runs in the background and is available with the quick execution of a short cut. When the short cut is executed, you select an area on your screen and that’s it. Droplr then saves a short URL to your cache and you can paste it to someone to click on and see the screen shot. With the paid version you can use a unique URL, here’s an example of a screen shot I’ve just taken: That’s pretty darn useful if you ask me.


Now, versions 4.1 has just been released and there’s a new feature that I’m going to be forever thankful for: No longer is it just for screenshots, you can now take a screencast! Taking screenshots and being able to share them is pretty darn awesome, but now I can take a quick screencast and share that.. priceless! It’s additions to an application like this that justify the monthly cost of $9.99.


I use a lot of apps, but this one’s definitely in my top 10 to use. My main application, as I mentioned, is the ability to take a screenshot and simply paste the custom URL saved into cache. It means that when I’m working with the web team, I can quickly and easily show them what I’m seeing. For example, when I do quality assurance on a website, each time I write a bullet point outlining a change, I simply share the URL to a screenshot too – this way I know the designer/developer will know exactly what I’m referring to. This is far easier than a document with a whole lot of screenshots, what better than a short URL.

The company is innovative and fresh, I have no doubt that more features will come soon and I look forward to them!