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piece written on the 24th June 2014 by  

This is a topic that I’m by no means an expert on, but I wanted to share a recent experience with all of you because perhaps you’ll learn something or save some money. We’re actively hiring at iMod Digital and decided to try out some of the job recruiting websites to see what the response would be like. There are quite a few, but we narrowed it down to Jobs Burn¬†and BizCommunity. The cost of advertising on Jobs Burn R678,30 and for BizCommunity it was R456,00. Other options were LinkedIn, which was up over R1,000 amongst a few others which were all in the region of R500-R800. Both websites had our adverts up and running within a few hours of listing them so that was ideal. Payment methods were no hassle either.

It’s been two weeks now since the job specifications were listed and our traffic statistics appear as follows:

  • Jobs Burn: 3 visitors to our website (their website claims that the advert was seen 307 times though)
  • BizCommunity: 9 visitors to our website (no record of the number of views the advert received)

From both websites people are able to apply directly to us without visiting our website. In total we received about 20 resume’s of which 2 or 3 were relevant. Most of the others were people taking chances on jobs they aren’t even geared up to be in and there were 3 or 4 resume’s from people who are too qualified for a clearly stated “junior” roll.

We did list the advert on a few other free websites as well as seeded it out on our website and social media channels. Our website and social media channels have certainly created the most hype around the job though so that’s something to keep in mind for the future if you go down this road. We approached and were approached by 5 different recruitment agencies and received just 1 resume from one supplier and the resume was of someone we know from previous companies and is a candidate who comes with really bad references.

Every day I read about employment rates and low salaries, I read about our economy and I read about laws being passed and so forth. All of these things lead us to believe (and know) that finding a job is getting more difficult, yet when we put something out there we’ve had a rather poor response? The two don’t add up – is everyone employed already? Are people too scared to leave their jobs for something better? I’ve said it already, in fact I opened with it, I’m not expert but I’m perfectly capable of suggesting that there’s a disconnect somewhere, something isn’t adding up.

It’s been a really great experience though to hire someone who’s a junior to groom from effectively a fresh slate into a very powerful digital marketer. The good news is that we’ve found someone and said person is returning on Friday for a second interview. Working in a company that is incredibly dynamic, very friendly, anything but corporate and so forth, I thought I’d receive hundreds of resume’s – a good lesson learnt. Next time we’ll be going the creative route, a campaign to attract candidates or a word of mouth approach or even popping into the colleges to see which students want to exit and enter with us.

I love learning so if you’re familiar with hiring digital staff and are happy to offer up an opinion in the comment below, please do.