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For the car fans out there you’ll know that Mazda and Ford have operated under the same umbrella for a long time, but not anymore! Mazda are relaunching independently of Ford and they’re doing it with the announcement of the All-New Mazda3.

I remember walking around a shopping centre in Cape Town and seeing the Mazda2 when it launched a few years ago, it was a huge step forwards for Mazda in my opinion and to be perfectly honest, I quite fancied the new design. Now the Mazda3 is sticking with this forward thinking approach, take a look at this:

The All-New Mazda3 comes in both Hatchback and Sedan, so there’s one for the person who wants something sporty and the person who needs space. I’ve had a good look through the features of the car and it’s worth doing so as they’re accompanied with wonderful photographs.

My 5 favourite features are:

  1. Being a geek, I love that the new Mazda3 provides a fancy MZD Connect which will provide the driver with access to many online services including radio stations, Facebook and Twitter.
  2. The Active Driving Display is a nice touch: it is a clear panel that sits directly above the steering wheel in perfect line of sight and displays key driving information.
  3. Not brand new to the car world, but the Mazda3 has Emergency Stop Signalling System that switches on your hazard lights if you suddenly brake hard. (Then it turns them off again afterwards.)
  4. With petrol being so expensive, turn your eyes to a consumption of just 4.1l/100km!
  5. And of course, i-stop technology that turns the car off when you’re idling. This is a feature that all cars seem to be moving towards and is a great addition. Takes a bit to get used to though ;)

Here’s a quick look at the interior:

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