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As the years go by and we all become more and more reliant on digital media so does the requirement for online document storage increase. There are a lot of platforms out there that allow for the storage of documents online, but not many of them in my opinion are run by hugely credibly brands. I’ve been talking about Momentum’s financial wellness solutions over the past month and this week I am going to introduce you to MyFiling.

MyFiling is Momentum’s solution for safe, secure online filing that can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. The solution is incredibly easy to use, all you need to do is sign up for free by clicking here and then clicking to MyFiling under My Financial Wellness once you’re logged in. The solution is best explained with an image:

Momentum MyFiling

As you can see, Momentum set up a number of folders for you so that you can stay organised from the beginning. You’re not limited to these though, the “New Folder” tool allows you to create your own folders just like you would on your computer. Upload files using the “Upload” feature and that’s it! Once you’ve added a file, the display changes to show you how many files are in each of the folders:

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 7.14.15 PM

There are 2 other features that I really like about this:

  1. Email – The email option allows you to select a file and email it to someone. This is a quick process, you select the file, click “Email”, type in the email address to send the file to and click done. This is an incredibly useful feature if you think about it, imagine you need a document to apply for something or you need to send a utility bill to someone, you just select the file, click email and it’s done. There’s a uniqueness in this feature that I haven’t seen on other storage applications.
  2. Set Alarm – The set alarm feature allows you to select a file and then set up a reminder about the file. This can be a reminder about anything specific to that file and you have the option of receiving the reminder via SMS, email or a system notification. Another incredibly useful feature – think of this: You store a bill or something and don’t want to pay it until the last day of the month (think interest hehe), the reminder will remind you at the end of the month and you can then pay it. I dig that.

From an advice point of view, these are the documents that you should be looking to store safely:

Retirement annuity, shares, pension fund, endowment, unit trusts, funeral policy, education policy, life insurance, disability cover, home insurance car insurance. credit cards, garage card agreements. copies of tax returns, refund notifications, IRP 5’s, medical aid contract, receipts for medical expenses, home loan agreement, statements, deeds, electrical compliance, Internet contract, a current copy of your rates bill (for easy FICA compliance), car lease, AA membership, registration documents, extended warranties, service records, car insurance policy, ID book, certified copies of your passport, copies of drivers licence, birth certificate, death certificates of family members, gun licence, divorce documents.

Another really useful financial wellness solution from Momentum. I really enjoyed MyFintrack, but this one’s very useful too.