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They say that one of the best ways to launch a company is through solving a problem and if you think about it, that’s fairly logical. However, coming up with a problem to solve is difficult, one must be very perceptive and present in life, always taking note of things – I often say that keeping a notebook or application handy is a good way of doing this. Or, to find the headspace to step back from life and assess which areas cause the most hassle/trouble.


Brooke Martin, a 14 year old girl came up with an incredible idea two years ago (read the story) for a school project in Washington. Anyone who has had an anxious dog or knows someone with an anxious dog will understand what separation anxiety is. I’ve lived next door to someone who owned a dog with separation anxiety so I know first hand what it entails. Instead of writing a whole lot, let’s give Brooke a chance to explain:

A really fantastic idea and it probably makes so much sense because of my experience with a neighbour. I absolutely love the idea so I went looking a bit further and saw that she managed to raise $20,000 on KickStarter. In fact, she raised closer to $30,000 from 252 backers on her KickStarter campaign. Because she was funded I wanted to go and see if the product was selling anywhere and it is indeed, right on

I’m not sure it’s one of those items that would sell like hot cakes, but it will sell enough and there’s clearly good demand considering the KickStarter campaign. I just think it’s really awesome to see someone so young coming up with a concept like this and following it through to funding and production – mad respect.

Have you spotted an awesome product lately, please share it with me!