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There have been some great announcements recently, just yesterday Whatsapp announced it’s desktop version and now Netflix has announced that it’s coming to South Africa. This is really great news – just a few weeks ago the biggest story floating around the Internet was all about Netflix blocking various proxy services and for a while there I thought that we’d never have real access.

Netflix-Logo copy

This comes off the back of Netflix stating that it wants to be completely global by the end of 2016. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean we’ll have Netflix any time soon and may have to just sit back and wait for it to happen. Not too bad to wait as it’s worth waiting for in my opinion – Looking forward to seeing what DSTV does about this!

Netflix’s exact words were, “We have not provided details of when we plan to go where, but you can be confident South Africa is among the countries we intend to serve sometime in the next two years,”

Fibre needs to start rolling out faster and we’ll all need a generator at this rate ;)