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As a Capetonian, I haven’t had to worry too much about E-Tolls. Sure, I’ve followed the news, I’ve heard people moaning and I’ve travelled to Gauteng a few times. I’m fortunate in that it doesn’t affect me too much. But I must say, I was interested to read an article the other day on the topic of E-Tolls and insurance.

I’m no expert at insurance, in fact, I’m far from that but I cover a lot of topics to do with finances and so I felt I would write about this topic. Situations like this interest me and I always hope that by doing some research and sharing it, that I might assist someone in avoiding a nasty financial situation. I was in a group Skype conversation the other day with some people I know in Gauteng and I was asking them about the topic of E-Tolls and insurance, knowing that it’s something I was going to have to write about I wanted to get some opinions. We discussed the topic of not being able to renew their licenses because of outstanding E-Toll fees and then not being able to claim from insurance if something goes wrong. That’s quite a scary situation, if you have an accident and your license isn’t renewed (because you have outstanding fees), your insurance company potentially won’t pay out!


It was through this topic and a blogging campaign that I was asked to write about a blog post that King Price wrote, which outlines their opinions and matters around insurance and E-Tolls.

  1. As long as car is road worthy and your premiums are up to date, your cover will not be affected by your e-toll credit (or negative value thereof).
  2. If you need to pay for your licence late, your cover will not be suspended for the period that your licence wasn’t up to date.
  3. That means, your claims will still be considered valid if your e-toll payments are not up to date, and if your licence has expired.

Of course, you should pay your E-Toll fees and should have an updated driver’s license for legal reasons, but nonetheless, it’s good to know that insurance company’s are positioning themselves like this to help us consumers.

Be safe out there!


Disclaimer: I have been commissioned by King Price through a third party to produce this article. The thoughts outlined here are based on my own research and I am not swayed to say something I do not believe.