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piece written on the 8th October 2015 by  

I’m always looking for ways to balance my life and ensure that I get enough time away from work, but also don’t fall behind work. So today I decided to write down a few things that I try to do every Sunday before I start the week ahead.

#1 Do Something On Your Own

During the week I’m interacting continually with people at work and in the evenings I spent time with my wife, our pets, family and friends. This means that I get very little time alone and I’ve found that this usually only happens really late at night which isn’t ideal. So on Sunday’s I try to spend a bit of time alone, this could be working in the garden, watching something on television or just sitting in the sun enjoying the peace and quiet. I don’t feel that this needs to be a long period of time, but I try to aim for about an hour or so and this does me a world of good.

#2 Exercise A Bit

I often fail on this one unfortunately, but if I can get onto my bike and cycle for an hour that usually makes a huge difference to my life. Not only is it really important for health reasons, but it also flushes everything out of my mind which allows me to achieve a certain level of peace of mind. I find that doing some exercise and then spending some time alone work really well hand in hand. I often chat to people about this and I’ve come to the conclusion that some exercise is better than none, so even if you take a short walk it’s better than nothing.

#3 Get Maintenance Sorted

No matter where you live or what you do, there’s always a certain amount of maintenance in your life which gets in the way of other things. I find that doing maintenance during the week results in rushed work and if said maintenance is on your house for example, the last thing you want to do is rush. My wife and I were discussing the concept of setting aside a monthly budget for home improvements and maintenance just the other evening, coupled with putting aside a couple of hours a week, you protect an asset. If it’s not about your place of residence, then perhaps it’s getting FICA documents ready for something or just general maintenance. Put some time aside on a Sunday, address it and enjoy not worrying about it as you enter the next week.

#4 Plan For The Week Ahead

Because I love working, I don’t mind working on the weekend but I find that the secret isn’t so much to work on the weekend but to rather plan for the week ahead. I feel that a lot of people get this wrong and they spend the time working rather than planning. By planning, you set yourself up for a smoother week and enter the week feeling less frantic. This is a huge things for me and it’s rare that a Sunday goes past without some from of work related planning taking place in my life.

These are by no means profound discoveries or anything, but by implementing them into my life I’ve found that my Sunday’s feel more productive which further feels like you’ve had a proper weekend and we all know how great that feeling is!

Do you have something you do on a Sunday that helps you? Pop me a comment and let me know :)