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Having lived in the Western Cape for over a few decades, I feel comfortable saying that my knowledge of the beautiful area is good. Off the back of this, Private Property have asked me to write an article on the best areas of the Western Cape to rent in and although I’m not a properly expert that might play to your advantage because I’m unbiased and am able to give a fair opinion based on my experiences.


I grew up in the leafy Southern Suburbs and have lived here for almost all my life, it’s where my roots are and it’s where I thrive. As such, I have rented a number of places in the area but have also branched out to further areas. In my journey I have also owned and leased my own places which has given me an understanding of being on both sides of the coin.

There are 3 specific places that I’d like to mention in this blog post: Claremont area, CBD area and out towards Tableview area in the Northern Suburbs. These areas I’m familiar with through my own experiences, but also through the experiences of my friends, family and colleges.


Claremont, Newlands and Rondebosch are near to my heart, I’ve lived in and around this area most of my life. The Southern Suburbs really is your typical family driven area that is close to everything you might need. We’re close enough to the beaches to drive out in the evenings to take a walk along the Promenade, but far enough to not be in the hustle and bustle. To the same extent, we’re close enough to the CBD or the Waterfront to enjoy a short drive there without being stuck in the thick of things, and we’re close to all the good schools, universities, sporting stadiums, shopping centres and other amenities we might require. Rentals in the area are in high demand and they command a fairly high cost, but that’s the price you pay for being in such an incredible area. I am yet to meet someone who has lived here and hasn’t enjoyed the experience. More hot areas for rentals include:


I lived in the heart of the CBD for a couple of years and the experience was very different to that of Claremont, Newlands and Rondebosch. You’re much more in the thick of things but are definitely positioned to be right in the hustle and bustle of Cape Town life. I think I’d probably say that living in town is best suited for young professionals who want easy access to work and nightlife. One of the best things about the CBD is that because you’re so close to everything, it’s very easy to commute on a bicycle, motorbike or taxi and not have to own a car. Just recently I was part of a really big discussion around people who live in the CBD, have sold their cars and now only use Uber to get around. The general consensus was that it’s very possible and often works out cheaper than car repayments.

Tableview Area

I’m not nearly as familiar with the Tableview area as I am the other two, but I’ve had a lot of friends and colleges live there who are very happy. Rental costs in the Tableview area are far cheaper than the Southern Suburbs and you get far more bang for your buck. A long standing gripe about the area was that it is far from the CBD and such, but with MyCitiBus in full action I’ve watched my friends and colleges commute in peace and they thoroughly enjoy the commute. Tableview is also close to the beaches which from my experience is a big draw card that shouldn’t be overlooked. The view of Table Mountain from that side of the world is quite incredible when the sun sets on a beautiful summer’s day.

The Western Cape, is of course, filled with really incredible suburbs and not only the three that I’ve mentioned above. It’s worth using a rental search function like the one on Private Property to get an understanding of how diverse the Western Cape really is. No matter where you live in the Western Cape, you’ll get that beautiful Cape Town essence that we all brag about!