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piece written on the 11th February 2016 by  

I think there’s no question that the growth of eCommerce in South Africa is growing at an incredible rate. Not only are there eCommerce websites appearing constantly, there is international interest and eCommerce company’s are already being bought but key international brands. Throw mCommerce into the equation and we have an industry that is starting to boom. That’s very much focusing on the supply side, but with South Africans starting to shop online more than ever, we have a great equilibrium where supply and demand are sitting snuggly together. Heck, I did absolutely all my Christmas shopping without having to leave my desk and having told people about this I know that I wasn’t the only one. eCommerce is hot, no need to question that.

Personally, I’ve found that there’s a great deal of information online about eCommerce but information being read off a computer screen isn’t enough. To truly succeed in eCommerce you need to network, you need to talk to successful eCommerce business owners and you need to emerge yourself in the industry. That’s where an event like eCommerce Africa Confex comes into play, this leading eCommerce event is dedicated to all aspects of selling online and is an opportunity to listen to some of the greatest minds when it comes to eCommerce.

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The event has an impressive line up with over 40 incredible speakers, here are 5 that caught my eye:

  • Vincent Hoogduijn – CEO of Spree
  • Jaco Jonker – CEO of Bid or Buy
  • Ryan Bacher – Founder of NetFlorist
  • Michael Cotterell – Head of Online at Pick ‘n Pay
  • Bruno Betrand – Head of eCommerce at Estee Lauder

I see a lot of events in South Africa and often I feel let down by the speaker list, but having had a look through this speaker list, if you have anything to do with eCommerce then block out 48 hours in your calendar and get your butt to this event – This list of speakers tells me you’ll learn more in 2 days than months and months of researching online. Last year’s event was a huge success and saw over 800 people enjoying the experience, they anticipate even more people this year.


The event takes place on February 17 and 18, 2016 and is taking place at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. To attend the full event and listen to all the speakers the cost is R6,500 ex VAT. For those of you who would like to simply visit the expo and look around, access is only R88 ex VAT.

We’ll be sending someone from our team at iMod Digital to attend the event because it will be crazy to miss out.