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I don’t read a lot of books, it’s just never been something I could get into. Perhaps it’s my levels of patience or perhaps it’s because I simply just read too much online. I’m a huge fan of reading long articles online though, really well written business, marketing or financial ones, but I know that it will only take me a day to get through them. With that being said, I admire people who read books and whilst I flick around the internet I’m forever coming across people recommending books and I just wish I could commit myself to reading them.


Earlier today I came across a thread by a marketer who was asking about business books and he received a number of recommendations, so I decided to have a brief read about them and they sound really good. I’ve noted down five of them here for those of you who are into business / marketing books as the folks recommending them are folks that know what they’re doing and they wouldn’t be recommending something unless they felt strongly about it.

Under each book I’ve included a Buy Now, I’m not getting a commission if you click on the links so my motivation to publish this post has nothing to do with financial gain.

Oversubscribed – Daniel Priestley

Shows leaders, marketers, and entrepreneurs how they can get customers queuing up to use their services and products while competitors are forced to fight for business Explains how to become oversubscribed..


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Hacking Marketing – Scott Brinker

Apply software-inspired management concepts to accelerate modern marketing In many ways, modern marketing has more in common with the software profession than it does with classic marketing management. As surprising as that may sound, it’s the natural result of the world going digital.


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7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Steven R Covey

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People has guided generations of readers for the last 25 years. Presidents and CEOs have kept it by their bedsides, students have underlined and studied passages from it, educators and parents have drawn from it, and individuals of all ages and occupations have used its step-by-step pathway to adapt to change and to take advantage of the opportunities that change creates.


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The Pumpkin Plan – Mike Michalowicz

Each year Americans start one million new businesses, nearly 80 percent of which fail within the first five years. Under such pressure to stay alive—let alone grow—it’s easy for entrepreneurs to get caught up in a never-ending cycle of “sell it—do it, sell it—do it” that leaves them exhausted, frustrated, and unable to get ahead no matter how hard they try.


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The Psychology of Persuasion – Robert Cialdini

Influence, the classic book on persuasion, explains the psychology of why people say “yes”—and how to apply these understandings. Dr. Robert Cialdini is the seminal expert in the rapidly expanding field of influence and persuasion. His thirty-five years of rigorous, evidence-based research along with a three-year program of study on what moves people to change behavior has resulted in this highly acclaimed book.


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If you’ve read a book recently on business or marketing, please feel free to leave a comment below or hit my up on Twitter @ChristopherM.